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Nine DLM400 Serial Protocol analyzer Screens / Views

Demonstration Video

Captured Digital Data View of Result of Modem Dial Up Session

DLM-400 Handshake Data Screen View

  Preferences Page 1
DLM-400 Menu Page 1 View

Captured Data  HEX View
DLM400 Captured Hex Data View

Elapsed Time Page

DLM400 Elapsed Time between String Data

String Editor Page for Triggers and Searching

DLM400 String Data
                    Editor Entry Screen

Result of Loop Back Text

DLM-400 Loop Back
                    Test View

Closing Bert Test (Data Errors and speed)
DLM400 Result of BERT Test View
Preferences Page 2DLM400 Menu Data Preferences

Hex Expanded Digital Data View

DLM400 Hex Data
                    Expanded View

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